Sega just announced a new console. It’s not what I expected, and I am bit disappointed. I have always been a Sega supporter, and have purchased all Sega consoles since the master system. So when rumors started circulating about Sega announcing something big on their 60th anniversary, I fell into the trap and believed or hoped that the rumors were going to be true. I envisioned something as revolutionary as the Dreamcast was in 1999.  My first online gaming experience was on the Dreamcast. Some games were very playable and some where not, but it worked.

So what console was announced? They announced the Game Gear Micro, what???  They are releasing multiple tiny versions of an already portable gaming system.  That’s right. They announced 4 different versions of the Game Gear micro console. Each console will have 4 different games, so if you want to play all 16 games you are going to have to buy all 4 consoles.  If you buy all 4, Sega will include a mini version of their Big Window magnifying-glass accessory. What doesn’t make a lot of sense to me is that you can download a lot of classic Sega games on your phone for FREE. So this is a big WHY to me, not sure this even necessary. So what do you guys think? Is anyone willing to buy these consoles to play games on a tiny 1.15″ display?  If you plan on buying this, let me know what am I missing here?

The Experience is Everything!

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