The Crotchety Old Man Has Spoken: Do you want to watch The Amazing Spiderman? (updated from 2011)

The teaser for the next Spider-Man movie is finally here – The Amazing Spider-Man!

And it’s BAD. Not “bad” good, but “bad” bad, in that, it doesn’t get you amped for the movie coming next July.

Its the opposite of the Dark Knight Rises teaser.

It makes me miss Sam, Tobey, and Kristin from the original franchise.

And the costume… That goddamn ugly costume! I agree with Kevin Smith and Ralph Garman’s description from Hollywood Babble-On he does look like a red & blue basketball.

While I had my dislikes about the costume, I hoped the story would be good, at least decent; doesn’t look that way.

In fact, are you ready for this, from the teaser, it seems Peter Parker, the hero we’re supposed to immediately identify, sympathize, and cheer for…

Is a bit of a JERK!

You tell me if you get the same vibe.

The Experience Is Everything!


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