10WS Series: The Crotchety Old Man Recommends #1

Superman #18 (2018)
Well. I’ll say this for Mr. Bendis, he can write something I don’t like, and make me like it. I still don’t like Superman revealing his identity to the world. (You can accomplish the same thing revealing he’s identity to just Perry White and Jimmy Olsen.) But, Bendis wrote a damn good issue, treating this moment with the reverence it deserves. Ivan Reis kills it, again. I couldn’t think of anyone else to draw this issue; he’s the reason you buy the hardcover, glossy-papered graphic novels.

Dark Knight Returns: The Golden Child #1 (2019)
Oh, man! I cannot wait to see how fans react to this one. (I loved it! Frank keeps the words to a minimum letting Rafael Grampa explode on every single page. If you thought the end of BvS was “too much” wait to you see Grampa’s 48-page beat down for the ages. Frank proves, again, what comics can do when done correctly.)

X-Force #2 (2019)
So far, the one X-Men book I’m enjoying post Powers/House of X is X-Force. All the other titles read lighthearted to me, but this book has some weight to it. You can feel how fragile things are for mutants; they’re still fighting to survive.

I’m starting to wonder who in this cast (and others) are ”originals” and who are resurrected. This version of Wolverine reads like a throwback closer to where the character started before the late nineties, and the early 2000s turned him into a teacher, schoolmaster, and father figure. Perhaps I’m just reading the writer’s interpretation of Wolverine, but what if an upcoming storyline deals with who’s real and who isn’t? Are the resurrected truly themselves, or were they fucked with to make them ”better” to serve the Quiet Council?

A good book with the right amount of dialogue, action, questions to keep you guessing, and the only X-book with decent cliffhangers (so far).

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