Josh’s Diary of a Retro Gamer – 100% Completion

Going through my game library, I’ve noticed lately that it’s rare for me to totally complete a game. Not out of disappointment, but due to my tendency to ‘move on’ prematurely to the next game or even worse, simply giving up due to the difficulty of the final level. Any gamer who’s experienced this phenomenon understands the feeling of regret that comes with it. You’ve spent your money, committed hours to the game, and now it just sits there waiting for you to finish. The title I’m referring to specifically is Donkey Kong Country. I love the franchise and hold it dear to my heart as a retro gamer but my inability to complete it has haunted me for 26 years. Today, all of that finally changed.

Due to quarantine, I’ve been given the opportunity to revisit many uncompleted games and finally finish them. I can proudly say that after all these years, I finally beat Donkey Kong Country. It would seem trivial to someone who isn’t a retro gamer but for me seeing the credits felt like I climbed Mt. Everest. So today, I challenge all gamers out there to pick a retro game they never completed and finally beat it. With the state of the world currently, every win in our lives count, no matter how small.

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