Are you an artist who wants to work in comics?

You have the style, but do you have the experience, exposure, and most important, a story?

Are you beating your head against the wall because no one is giving you a chance?

We will.

If you’re an artist with heart, will, and the perseverance – the commitment – to become a professional in the comic book industry, then 10 Worlds Studio wants to help you.

Everyone has to start somewhere, and becoming a professional in comic books is harder than most expect. It’s easier to make money as an actor, musician, or screenwriter, than it is in the comic book business.

10 Worlds is on a mission to make comic book characters and their stories matter again. We need manpower. We need pencilers, colorists, letterers, graphic designers.

Send links to your online portfolio, blog, or DeviantArt page to

We need YOU to help build a new universe!