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We Are 10 Worlds StudioHello!
Welcome to 10Worldsstudio.com v.3.

10 Worlds Studio is Alex Lugo, Joseph Gauthier, and in association with LASSOMEDIA, an independent comic book publisher based in California. Our flagship, LAZARUS: Immortal Coils #1 was published through Markosia. We continued under our own banner, self-publishing a “Director’s Cut” of #1 with the entire four-issue miniseries.
(Issues #1-4 and collected trade are available at Indyplanet.com)

Each version of our website has been a statement of our growth, and this one is no different.

Last year, 10 Worlds Studio was hard at work in developing our properties while providing services in writing, editing, graphic design, media development, and media production. We are very excited to finally present the fruits of our labors. This website is but the first phase of what’s to come.

We believe the future of independent comic book publishing is the digital market. Since publishing LAZARUS we’ve struggled to find ways of being competitive in the direct market opposite large publishing corporations founded in the 1930’s.

Time and technology have opened avenues for small publishers to present their works to a larger audience outside the comic book stores and newsstands. This Digital Age of comics is broader in scope and appeal than any before it.

It allows us to be everything our name implies – to present you with different worlds full of different characters, different heroes, and different stories, each a unique experience!

There is no separating your investment from the realities of modern comic book production.

Welcome to a new world.

10 Worlds Studio – The Experience Is Everything!

Joseph P. Gauthier
10WS Director.

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